About Us

Karen was Operations Director for an International Design Company for 11 years. She qualified as an Architectural Technician, Interior Designer and  Project Manager. During her  many years in the corporate  world she worked on a variety of entertainment venues and projects, including children’s adventure areas and parks. She left for the opportunity to combine two things that are close to her heart – yoga and children.

Initially trained through the Radiant Child Yoga Program with Shakta Kaur Khalsa in London then YogaKids with Marsha Wenig. More recently she has studied both anatomy and physiology and  has embraced the holistic approach to childrens development. Her personnal yoga practice has included over 15 years of studying privately with some of Dublin’s best instructers.

Karen has been teaching yoga  to children ranging in ages from 3 to 16 years for over ten years. Karen also has also experience  teaching children with special needs.
Having a natural ability to relate to children and being both an imaginative and creative person has allowed her to develop a unique and informative way of teaching. She can turn any task into something fun and is simply an enthusiastic child in an adult body.

Karen has trained hundreds of children in Montessories, Primary and Secondary Schools, Afterschool Programs, Special Needs Schools and Organizations, as well as privately.
Being herself a mother to two boys, one of which is a teenager has been her inspiration and have led her more recently to focus on Yoga For Teenagers, an age group that needs yoga more than anyone.

Karen will be eternally thankful for the knowledge of her teachers, the creativity of her students, the truthfulness and love of her family and friends and especially her husband, David.

Karen believes strongly in the respect and value of children.

Namaste - Wishing you well
Karen Hazzard