Benefits Of Yoga And Dance

In addition to the obvious benefits of exercising the physical body, yoga both sharpens the child's ability to focus and give self-confidence and self-discipline. Yoga, practiced regularly, helps children become aware of themselves from the inside out. From this awareness, children can change and grow in new and positive directions.

Yoga improves poise and balance whilst increasing strength and flexibilty.In the individual child it  helps develop attentiveness and concentration and boosts self esteem. We find that children who practise yoga regularly are alert, full of vitality and can immerse themselves wholeheartedly in what ever they do.


Our classes include a warm up, a  stage to focus inwards, yoga postures to keep the body mind and spirit healthy and meditation  for relaxation. We use fun and imaginative games to instruct the children and take direction from their own ideas and input also. Yoga benefits are further enhanced through dance and movement.This is presented to the children with age appropriate music and games. The children develop “communication from within” connecting them with themselves and strengthening their links with others. We also practise meditation and breathing helps relax and focus the children. The ability to “breathe”during times of stress is a life skill that is invaluable to us all.

“Karen has been teaching classes to our children every Thursday.When the doorbell rings we hear a chorus of “ Karens here, its Yoga time!”The buzz around the Montessori is delightful and we can see the many benefits it has given our children.”
Owner - Cobblestone Cottage

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